Welcome to Unic! My name is Stephan Judick, and I am the founder and CEO of Unic Medical Search. Having spent around four decades in the healthcare sector, I know all facets of this industry – at all levels.

I have started …

… as a „simple“ Certified Nursing Assistant who first studied nursing management and then health economics, rose to become Director of Nursing and Patient Management, then was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Spokesman of the Board of Management of a large hospital, and finally became the sole CEO of another large hospital (with around 3,000 employees).

Throughout these years, my employees and colleagues have been the key to a functioning, successful operation.

As a hospital board member, it has always been important to me that every employee enjoys and conscientiously pursues his or her profession, or better yet, his or her vocation.

Of course, top performers are interested in salary and career prospects, but at the same time there are so many more factors to consider that make for a fulfilling work environment.

From countless conversations with chief and senior physicians, I know the special perspectives at this level of performance.

At the same time, as a hospital board member, I have also had an intensive exchange with the pharmaceutical industry, and in recent years have increasingly engaged in dialog with young, innovative healthcare startups that are driving digitization and innovation in our industry.

So I know the requirements in the healthcare industry from many perspectives. I see my team and myself as partners on equal footing when it comes to recruiting. We want a long-term, trusting collaboration with our customers. My principle, our principle is: Don’t follow a fixed pattern.

We design each search process individually according to the specific requirements of the respective search profile, which we develop together with our clients in an in-depth analysis. My background as a certified emotional intelligence coach also helps me in this process.

I can assure you that we do not lack expertise, competence and smart processes. However, values such as fairness, honesty and trust are particularly important to me. All this together makes Unic, and I think this is already unique in the industry.