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The demand for personnel in the healthcare sector can no longer be met by training only in our own country. The gap in specialists is already very large, and it will become much larger in the coming years.

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We cannot do without skilled personnel from abroad

All projections show that even if we were to improve training and the work situation and at the same time increase salaries, we would not be able to come close to meeting the rising demand from an aging society on our own.

So what to do?

We need systematic integration of skilled personnel from abroad. There is no alternative to this option. Against this background, the placement of foreign specialists is an essential contribution to ensuring that we can continue to provide medical and nursing care in the future. We have created the appropriate structures for this purpose.

Especially in the nursing and medical fields, some countries (eg Albania) train many more skilled workers than the country needs. As a result, many people in their home countries are unable to work in the profession they have learned, while in Germany there are not enough skilled workers being trained.

This is where we come in. We bring people to Germany who are highly motivated to work for us and build up a livelihood. And of course we accompany these people well beyond their formal employment.

Here's how Unic Medical Search works:

  • Supporting candidates beyond the point of entry
  • Only high quality appointments
  • Very good language skills of our consultant team
  • Years of experience in the integration of foreign professionals
  • Best references

Project Explanation of the Procedure for the Placement of International Medical Professionals

The company Unic Medical Search GmbH provides participating hospitals and nursing homes with suitable staff, especially from the “non-EU area” after qualitative examination on request.

Task of the future employer:

In “non-EU countries”, there must be a “legitimate” interest in the corresponding workforce in the Federal Republic of Germany. For this, the future employee must present a job commitment or an employment contract. Then the recognition process starts. Unic Medical Search accompanies this recognition process on a high qualitative level, also well beyond the hiring. In addition, the future employer only has to ensure a good induction period, which should be adapted to the respective discipline. This is absolutely identical to the start-up phase of German medical assistants.

The future employer conducts an interview (via video conference) and decides alone whether the respective person is eligible for employment.

Tasks of Unic Medical Search GmbH:

We offer our partners only highly qualified personnel with appropriate German language skills. B1 level is mandatory, B2 level is desirable but not always available.

We arrange an appointment at the respective embassy for the applicant who wishes to relocate to the Federal Republic of Germany. Here the work visa is applied for. The time until a corresponding appointment takes place at the embassy in the applicant's home country varies.

We submit the documents for the verification of the equivalence of the professional qualification in the corresponding federal state. If there is no equivalence from the point of view of the authorities, there is the possibility of a knowledge test or the applicants take a so-called adaptation course, which often only consists of an internship. After the adaptation course, there is only a final interview without an examination. The knowledge test takes place very quickly, the adaptation courses take longer. To bridge the gap, all registered nurses work as nursing assistants with the corresponding classification until they are recognized in Germany. The duration of this process in the Federal Republic varies depending on the federal state and the clerk.

Physicians do an internship phase (if possible with a named mentor on the employer side) in the respective hospital until they obtain their professional license/approval. Only “pocket money”, meals and lodging are expected for this. Unfortunately, doctors cannot choose between the adaptation course and the knowledge test. Here the knowledge examination is mandatory. However, many federal states grant a temporary professional license for a maximum of 2 years until the license is obtained, even if there is no equivalence.

NEW: After consultation with the Federal Employment Agency and the foreigners authorities, doctors can also be employed as nursing assistants with corresponding remuneration until they obtain their German license to practice medicine. This has the great advantage that the doctors are better integrated into the work flow of the wards, are allowed to stay longer than 3 months in Germany due to the work visa and also learn the German language even better.

Contact and further information:

Direct telephone hotline: +49 173-6517551